Pocket Money

Have the kids been saving up their pennies to splash out on a few pocket money toys? It might just be time to root out the piggy bank and let them explore our colourful options. 

We have a whole host of treats on offer in our curated collection. Explore adorable dolls and cool figures with fun properties like moveable legs. For mini-dolls, let them build an entire world with additional playsets featuring dazzling scenery like bustling carnivals. 

For car enthusiasts, look to the racing sets with lap counters to ramp up the competitive spirit. These provide a dynamic option with a range of different vehicles, from speedy fire trucks to police automobiles. Perhaps they’ll spend their pocket money on a gift to share with friends? For playtime antics, we have sets of action figures to create a full cast for writing and staging their own exciting adventures.

When bedtime awaits and it's time for something a little snuggly, why not opt for one of our plush toys, which often take inspiration from beloved cartoon characters. Exceptionally tactile and formed from super-soft materials, they’ll be well-suited for tucking in with the kids at night. There's plenty to choose from in our collection of children's pocket money toys.

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60/139 results
60/139 results