Launched in 2015, RIXO has won countless hearts with its pretty, 1970s-inspired prints. Whether they're adorning ruffled skirts, vintage-style dresses or blouson tops, each one starts out in RIXO's London studio where it's painted by hand. This means every piece is subtly unique. Pick from our selection, and you'll be treating yourself to a one-of-a-kind to cherish.

How about one of the maker's signature floral dresses? You'll spot plenty of designs here, carried across flowing silk or airy viscose. Tops often sport intricate all-over patterns, too, along with charming lace trims or textured collars. Jumpers aren't painted, of course, but give you just as much art with their delicate embroidery. Pair a pure-wool construction option with bold blue jeans, and you'll have casual 1970s style down to a T.

Feeling inspired? Browsing RIXO clothing gives us the same treasure-hunting thrill we get from exploring the racks of a well-stocked vintage fair. There is one key difference, though: you won't be playing fashion roulette when it comes to sizing. Co-founder Orlagh McCloskey is, to quote the brand, "obsessed with fit", and works hard to make every piece feel flattering to wear. Classic styling with none of the changing-room stress – that sounds like a jackpot.

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22/22 results
22/22 results
RIXO: Iggy woven-blend midi dress