What’s big in beauty for 2023?

Words: Grace Gargini

What’s big in beauty for 2023?

After another brilliant year for beauty, we reflect on the changes to our everyday rituals and look ahead to the big ideas, product launches and trends we’re most excited for in 2023.

After another brilliant year for beauty, we reflect on the changes to our everyday rituals and look ahead to the big ideas, product launches and trends we’re most excited for in 2023.

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Supercharged simplicity 

When there are thousands of launches a year, a product needs to don multiple hats for it to stand out in the overpopulated beauty crowd. A foundation can’t just be a foundation; we want make-up hybrids packed with skin-loving ingredients. A does-it-all hair treatment that cuts five steps into one? Yes, please. Hardworking hyphenates are the way forward. A more streamlined routine encourages you to buy smarter, so it’s friendlier on the planet and your bank account.  


Our make-up looks are reflecting this less-is-more method, too. Following a 'stay at home' culture from the pandemic, reports show over two-thirds of women prefer to wear little make-up for a natural look – or because they simply don’t have time. Just as you’d invest in beautiful basics for your wardrobe, getting your everyday products right lays solid groundwork. Think: a complexion-boosting foundation, well-groomed brows, a multi-use cheek-and-lip tint (that you can blend in with your fingers) and a lick of long-lasting mascara. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring.

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Perfume is personal 

From perfumes that smell good enough to eat (thanks to a rise in gourmand ingredients) to scents that evoke being in nature, there’s no denying fragrance’s ability to spark micro-moments of escapism and joy. And the most innovative fragrance brands understand that perfume is a sensory statement accessory and conduit to wellbeing that should reflect your mood and individuality. 


For 2023, we’re excited about big, bold scents that reflect our personality. Highlights include rich, intense, amber-based creations from Byredo’s Black Saffron and Initio’s Paragon, alongside the decadent and juicy scents of Phlur’s Apricot Privée and Tom Ford’s new Cherry Smoke. To make things super personal, combine scents to create your very own blend. Chloé’s Atelier des Fleurs exclusive-to-Selfridges collection is designed to be layered together, so you can lean into the notes that take your fancy on any given day.

Mastering wellbeing: soulful self-care meets state-of-the-art science 

It’s around this time of year that you’ll inevitably hear the word ‘wellness’ crop up. But cliché couch-to-5K challenges and kale diets aside, what does the pursuit of wellbeing really mean in 2023? For us, it’s about finding joy and happiness in the rituals that feed your soul. And now, traditional therapeutic practices are working in tandem with the latest in scientific developments for even more powerful results.


Take Humanrace, Pharrell Williams’ brand powered by the pursuit of being well, which believes your skin reflects your spirit. “It’s so important to take care of your skin and also take time for yourself each day,” he says. The brand focusses on effective three-step skincare routines and bodycare that modernise the age-old benefits of bathing with science-backed formulas. Its body bars reenergise for day (thanks to white clay) and recentre the mind and exfoliate the skin (courtesy of charcoal and rice powder).


These developments also allow products to better cater to specific concerns – from supplements and skincare dedicated to relieving the signs of stress, to a rise in products for scalp care. The ‘skinification of hair’ – the idea that your scalp and hair should be given the same care as your skin – is a trend born out of a rise in searches for scalp health and hair loss. Aveda’s new scalp solutions range is made up of products to balance and renew the scalp and promote hair health. 

Biohacking has become a popular buzzword in the wellbeing space for its ability to help you achieve optimal health and performance. “Biohacking is essentially using your own cells to fix you” explains Dr. Vali, “at the 360 Experiential Centre we use prescription strength IV nutrient therapy, cryoptherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and supercharged supplementation programmes to see results where you need it most.”

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Club kids: next-generation expressionism

Now, time for some fun. Of course, life is about balance, so while you’re indulging in some self-care on Sunday, you need to flex your creative muscles for a different kind of soul nourishment come Friday. Yes, playful, creative self-expression is (thankfully) here to stay for 2023. Google Trends reported ‘rave make-up’ has risen 250% over the past 12 months, with ‘glitter eye shadow’ topping searches. Could it be a celebration of life post-lockdown or the ongoing Euphoria effect? Who cares! We’re wholeheartedly embracing nightclub looks for everyday life in their brightest and boldest incarnations.


Try dopamine-boosting, juicy colours, shimmer and wet-look textures or even a face gem or two (they’re not just for festivals). The world is your bright and shiny oyster.

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Everyday extravagance 

There’s no denying the pleasure a beautiful, much-coveted product can induce. Beautifully crafted make-up, ceramic candles that resemble works of art, even the feeling of plush make-up brushes on your skin – these everyday luxuries create micro-moments of joy throughout the day.


Now that more and more brands are using high-grade materials and refillable models, it’s encouraging to see the lifespan of our products grow as they become collectable items. Just take Dries Van Noten’s keepsake interchangeable lipsticks and refillable fragrances that are just as gorgeous to look at as they are to wear.


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