Coffee Capsules

You may not have time to grind fresh beans and steam your milk to perfection every morning, but you can enjoy a coffee shop-quality latte without all the hassle, thanks to our array of instant coffee capsules. Comprising everything from cortados and cappuccinos to mochas and macchiatos, these barista-approved brews are ready in a flash; pop the pod into your machine, press the button and sit back and watch as delicious caffeinated nectar flows into your cup.

Our single-origin coffee capsules are ethically and sustainably sourced from suppliers in Colombia, Guatemala, Uganda and beyond, which means they're bursting with inimitable tasting notes imparted by each plantation's unique environment and climate. Discover complex new flavours with every sip and find yourself transported to far-flung corners of the globe without leaving the comfort of your kitchen.

If it's a planet-friendly cup of Joe you're looking for, you're in luck because we offer an extensive range of 100% compostable coffee pods; each capsule is crafted from innovative biodegradable materials, from waste sugarcane fibres to bio-plastics derived from corn starch. Once you've gulped down your cuppa, throw the used capsule into your green bin to eliminate waste and create nutrient-rich compost – all in a morning's work.

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