Jellycat Teddy Bears and Soft Toys

Snugglicious might not be a real word, but if it was, we'd be using it to describe Jellycat soft toys. The beloved toy brand's name comes from a child who loved jelly. When they combined the word with "cat" it sounded hilarious, and so the branding of Jellycat came into being.

Browse our curated collection and choose something that kids will love to cuddle. You'll find lots of different colours and textures in the selection, traversing the animal world, plant life and cuisine too. It's joy personified, as many have a trademark easy grin. Look for playful Jellycat teddy bears, like bunnies with super-soft long ears for grasping onto. Then there are modern additions to the quirky range, like jazzy vegetables that come in vibrant hues. These make a novel way to introduce the kids to their five a day. 

The luxury cuddly toys in the Jellycat lineup come in many sizes, with larger products that are ideal for snuggling up to – the plush fabric just invites a cuddle and stroke. Vibrantly coloured and characterful creations will inspire a whole world of creative play. You'll spot practical options too, with toys that have an added strap and zip pouch. These beloved new friends can become a handy bag for keeping kids' belongings safe while on the go.

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60/190 results
60/190 results