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Established in 1862, Ladurée is the Parisian confectionary house famous for its iconic macaron. An impressive 15,000 of these delicate, meringue-based cookie sandwiches are sold every day around the world – a further testament to their deliciousness.

The brand's macarons are loved for their fine balance of flavour and texture, created by two layers of meringue and a carefully selected filling. The recipe isn’t easy to achieve, but with over a hundred years of experience, Ladurée gets it right every single time. Expert bakers and chefs show excellent craftsmanship as they whip up each confection. They've perfected the complicated process of macaronage; working the batter to the ideal consistency with flawless accuracy. The time-intensive procedure then sees the connoisseurs build all cookies by hand. 

Indulge in beautifully presented gift boxes of the finest Ladurée macarons. Each box is decorated with intricate designs inspired by French art and paintings from the Sistine Chapel and is filled with tempting rows of delectable, colourful biscuits. Enjoy classic flavours like pistachio, vanilla and chocolate or sample the curious tastes of rose and ginger orange. 

In addition to its famed macaron, Ladurée offers a range of refreshing and soothing teas, irresistible confectionery and charming accessories.

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