Mallet Shoes

No two models of its Mallet trainers are the same. The brand creates designs inspired by the diverse streets of London, mirroring its influences by using fabric layering techniques and expert sports constructions. You can expect to find materials from buttery suede to breathable mesh and flexible rubber, all seamlessly combined for a fashion-forward aesthetic.

Mallet's classic silhouettes include the Cyrus, Popham and Kingsland – find them in midnight black, gun-metal grey and white. You'll spot these signatures alongside limited-edition pieces that have been crafted in partnership with like-minded designers. In these collaborations, you'll see Mallet's trademark shapes combined with detailing from other brands, such as contrast knitted mesh, making for multi-textured and unique designs.

Alongside a range of different uppers to choose from, Mallet footwear also offers up a variety of futuristic sole options. From translucent bouncy rubber to metallic elevated heels, you can adapt your preferences to suit your style and activity. Headed out for a day of pounding city streets? Opt for a spongy base to keep your feet comfortable as you walk. Look out for the gold 'M' monogram covering the archway upper or go bolder with iridescent detailing. With each model, the label keeps true to its successful structures.

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