Omorovicza Beauty

Omorovicza is 'on a mission to deliver your best skin', and it's evidently on the right path. The brand was born after husband-and-wife duo Margaret and Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza visited their family-owned thermal bath in Hungary. There, they discovered the healing properties of the mineral-rich water. The pair then employed a laboratory to incorporate these powers into a beauty range, developing a line of products that sink into the deep layers of the epidermis.

For a product that'll have you looking (and feeling) more youthful, select an Omorovicza night cream. Many are infused with almond oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and promote collagen production. Tailored to all skin types, these indulgent creams for the eyes and face use nourishing ingredients such as elderberry flower extract and primrose. Tackle dehydration, blemishes and the signs of ageing with Omorovicza serums composed of rich formulas. Choose from products packed with vitamin C and microalgae, which protect against oxidative stress and leave your face firmer and plumper.

Omorovicza's cleansers are made from gentle and natural blends of essential oils, luffa particles and damask rose flower water to help remove impurities. You can also look forward to deep pore cleansing and an overall refreshed glow as you scrub and exfoliate.

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26/26 results