Ouai Beauty

The OUAI beauty philosophy is to embrace imperfection and unlock the allure of individuality. Sound appealing? Shop OUAI at Selfridges and start creating your perfectly imperfect look right now. Here you'll find conditioners, shampoos and body creams, all designed to help you gain confidence in your uniqueness.

Let's begin at the top. How's your hair? Whether you're fighting frizz or vying for volume, there's a shampoo-conditioner combo that can tame your tresses. Expect decadent fragrances, a sublime blend of natural oils and – of course – results that show. We've picked out several OUAI products for day-to-day styling and maintenance too, like sprays and texturising pomades.

Your complexion's as important as your hair so it's a good thing OUAI's developed skin care lines too. We have lush, exfoliating scrubs, zesty cleansing lotions and soothingly scented cremes. Plus, for the eco-minded among you, there are beauty refill packs that meet the planet-conscious standards of our Project Earth initiative. Just keep an eye out for the yellow banner.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, it's pronounced "way". As brand founder Jen Atkin explains, this is meant to evoke the casual way Parisians say "yes". Or, if you prefer, you can think of it as: doing things your OUAI. 

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53/53 results
53/53 results
OUAI: Rose Hair & Body Oil 98.9ml
OUAI: Fine Hair Shampoo 300ml
OUAI: Detox shampoo 300ml
OUAI: Medium Shampoo 946ml
OUAI: Medium Conditioner 946ml
OUAI: Thick Conditioner 946ml
OUAI: Thick Hair shampoo 300ml
OUAI: Body Cleanser 300ml
OUAI: Thick Shampoo 946ml
OUAI: Fine Conditioner 946ml
OUAI: Fine Shampoo 946ml