Discover Polaroid, an iconic brand known for revolutionising instant photography and capturing moments in an instant, available at Selfridges. Polaroid has been a pioneer in the world of photography for decades, celebrated for its commitment to blending creativity and technology. Each Polaroid product is a testament to the brand's legacy of instant photography, offering a range of instant cameras, film, and creative accessories that cater to the desires of photographers, artists, and nostalgia enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned photographer seeking the magic of instant prints, an artist exploring new creative horizons, or simply someone who cherishes the tangible beauty of instant photos, Polaroid provides a diverse selection to meet your visual storytelling needs. Dive into our curated collection of Polaroid products at Selfridges and embrace the art of instant photography, where innovation meets your passion for capturing moments that last a lifetime. Experience the wonder of Polaroid, where every click is an instant masterpiece.

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