The Stock



15 May–10 June 2023


Join us at The Corner Shop in Selfridges London to buy, sell, repair and upcycle with your well-loved fashion and accessories.


It’s 10am on Monday 15 May, and the trading window is open at The Stock Market. Our stockbrokers are about to introduce you to our resident tailors, upcyclers, luxury bag repairers, valuers and resellers. They’re all here to help you discover the value of the clothes and accessories you already own. Think of it as trading with your own wardrobe – instead of buying new, you’re adding value to your existing investments. Read on to learn more about the services we’re offering and how you can get involved.


Book in with our Upcyclers in Residence

Our Upcyclers in Residence will be offering a different bookable service each day, transforming your pieces using a variety of customisation techniques. They’ll swap the sleeves of a tired blazer, add rivets and corsetry to your blazers, mend holes on your knitwear with intricate embroidery and turn jeans into one-of-a-kind denim skirts.

Tailoring and alterations

Sharpen up your suits with SOJO’s expert tailoring services, which include hemming, tapering, button re-attachment and zip insertions.  

Luxury bag repairs, restoration, authentication and resale

During his 30-year career at Dior, Marc Bohan designed the now-iconic Oblique pattern. In the 00s, the graphic print covered everything from lipstick cases and bags to bikinis and prams. Now, pre-loved jewellery expert Jennifer Gibson Jewellery has made it that much easier to add a touch of Y2K to your outfit by unearthing these earrings.

Trainer repairs, cleaning, valuation and resale

At the Sneakers ER booth, you can have your shoes valued and sell them back in exchange for Selfridges store credit. If you’re looking to freshen up your kicks, Sneakers ER also offer restoration services, including expert cleaning and lace replacement.

Resale and upcycling

Uncover the value of what you already own with Vintage Threads’ authentication service. They’ll look at any item, give a valuation and buy back select pieces in exchange for Selfridges store credit. They also offer upcycling and dyeing, and have an assortment of vintage pieces available to shop.

  • What can I bring?

    Our stockbrokers and service providers in The Stock Market can advise you on what to bring. Alternatively, you can bring along a selection of pieces and discuss your options with a stockbroker in The Corner Shop. Please note that items to be resold for Selfridges credit will be at the service provider’s discretion. 

  • When do I collect my items?

    Once you’ve settled on the services you need, we’ll share a timeframe for collection. If you’re not able to collect your items in person, we can also deliver these to you for a small fee.

  • Can I do more than two things at once?

    Yes, so why not try something from every service? For example, you could resell an old designer bag for credit, while also getting your favourite trousers tailored and having a suit jacket embellished by our Upcyclers in Residence.

  • If I’m reselling an item, does it have to have originally been purchased from Selfridges?

    No – provided it’s in a suitable condition, we will buy back any luxury item we judge worthy of resale, regardless of where you originally bought it.

  • Is there a remote option if I can’t make it to the store?

    The Stock Market is best experienced in person. However, if you’d like to participate but are unable to visit, contact Selfridges Concierge. You can also discover our permanent RESELFRIDGES services online, including luxury bag resale, rental and repairs.

Visit The Stock Market at The Corner Shop at Selfridges London from 15 May to 10 June 2023.