Kids Games & Puzzles

Offering endless delight and amusement to all ages, our range of kids' puzzles and games will keep a smile on faces young and old. Discover retro board games, modern classics and more in our extensive collection of games and puzzles.

With not a screen in sight, our array of kids' games and puzzles will keep your youngsters guessing, laughing and scratching their heads. Big kids, meanwhile, will love rediscovering their favourite traditional board games, while jigsaw puzzle games depicting everything from London landmarks to superheroes will keep the liveliest of youngsters calm and quiet.

Perhaps it's time that you relaxed and settled back for a round or three of trivia? Or maybe you’re looking to reintroduce your loved ones to old-fashioned family classics? And, when it comes to nail-biting tension, nothing beats strategy games – just don’t let the tension spill over into real life!

You’ll find beloved board games alongside magic toys and miscellaneous puzzles from some of the world’s best toymakers in our range, as well as striking special editions of backgammon, dominoes and tic-tac-toe for wholesome family entertainment. Keep an eye out for limited editions and look for the Project Earth labelling to discover earth-friendly manufacturers and materials.

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60/121 results
60/121 results