Have a browse through our collection of vegan food for mouthwatering snacks and sweets – all completely free of animal products. We've handpicked our carefully curated selection from some of the industry's most celebrated brands. To find out which are made using earth-friendly ingredients and responsible production methods, simply look out for our green Project Earth vegan badge.

Why not treat yourself to some of our vegan chocolates? We have bars in indulgent flavour combinations, such as salty pretzels and cookies and cream. Innovative dairy alternatives (hello, oat milk) appear frequently across the ingredients lists. Other delicious options include peanut butter cups and snackable buttons, ideal for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Gift a variety pack or a luxury tray of decadent truffles to someone special, and you're bound to stay in their good books.

Also in our range of vegan snacks, you'll find handmade marshmallows in exciting flavours – from coconut to raspberry. Crunchy biscuits make the ultimate dunking companion to tea. Tasty gummies are a sweet and easy way to take your vitamins, while immunity shots provide a healthy and nourishing start to your morning routine. We also have vegan swaps for some of the most common household items, from mayonnaise to creamy cheese spread.

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39/39 results