Modern day slavery

Our modern slavery statement 2018/19

In 1909, our founder Harry Gordon Selfridge said that 'at the heart of our business philosophy is the human element'. Today, as a family owned business, our values and our people are at the core of everything we do.

Modern slavery goes completely against our belief in respecting people and their importance to our local and global communities. The increasing number of people trapped in some form of slavery is truly shocking, so we must work collectively to be aware of the risks, address them and eradicate slavery from our supply chains and our own organisations.

At Selfridges, our approach to tackling modern slavery in our business and supply chain has been embedded within our sustainability programme; Buying Better, Inspiring Change. We remain committed to helping ensure everyone who works for or with us as an employee, on our sites or in our supply chain is respected, protected and is able to access support should they need it.

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