Laundry & Cleaning Tools

Make keeping house a pleasure with our selection of luxury laundry and cleaning products. Clever accessories and high-tech gadgets will transform your kitchen, utility or laundry room into a haven of order and calm. Streamline your chores with space-age disposal and storage solutions that could be mistaken for modern art.

Whether you're putting on a wash or doing it by hand, choose from a variety of invitingly scented luxury laundry products to keep your clothes in tip-top condition. Refreshing sprays make sure your delicates smell good in between trips to the dry cleaner, and specific formulations target everything from cashmere to denim. Stain-busting solutions help you tackle even the toughest marks, while products designed to protect your outerwear will give a new lease of life to coats and boots.

Earth-friendly alternatives to traditional products will help you power through jobs around the house with a clean conscience. Replace disposable foam sponges with washable cotton pads and paper towels with light cotton versions in cheery colours. Luxury cleaning products offer plant-based replacements for chemical cleansers and will fill your home with their soothing scents. And with cute cartoon scourers to bring a smile to your face, you'll be fighting over who gets to do the dishes.

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54/54 results
54/54 results