Men's Shaving Products

Our luxury men's shaving products are a cut above the rest. Whether you're partial to a manual or wet shave (or a straight one for those with a steady hand), our selection will keep your facial hair in check. Whatever your preference –stubble, beard or smooth – you'll find the necessary tools and skin saviours to maintain your fuzz here.

To feel barber fresh, shop our range of clippers, electric shavers and multigroomers by some of the industry's leading names. From stainless steel to precision blades that cut closer in fewer strokes, our pieces incorporate first-class design aspects that'll enhance your grooming experience. Can't decide on a wet or dry shave? Choose one that's designed to do both, thanks to innovative technology.

Explore razors that are ergonomically designed with refillable cartridges and single blades that reduce irritation and ingrown hairs. You'll also find some items that are part of our Project Earth label, made with recycled plastic handles and assembled from repurposed beauty packaging. To keep cuts, burns and redness out, be sure to browse our luxury shaving creams, which promise smooth glides and softer skin. If you're looking for shaving balms, cologne lotions or kits, for yourself or the special men in your life, our collection is set to revolutionise all grooming routines.

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33/33 results