Acqua Di Parma Men's Aftershave & Perfumes

For an iconic Italian cologne, reach for an Acqua Di Parma aftershave. The brand recently celebrated the hundredth birthday of its first-ever spritz, Colonia, which was created in a small perfume factory in the historic old town after which the company is named. The blend that began its story was distinctively light and refreshing in comparison to the heavier, overwhelming scents that dominated the industry at that time. 

That subtlety and complexity is still a key feature in the Acqua di Parma men's fragrances in the collection today. You'll find delicate bergamot and gentle vetiver mingling with sweet cinnamon and tart Patchouli for an intoxicating sensual experience. The company's logo continues to pay homage to its rich heritage: it is the coat of arms of Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma, who helped to develop the perfume and glass industry in the city. Look out for this intricate logo in dazzling gold or bright blue, standing out against the otherwise minimalist labels that adorn each simple flacon. 

Once you've identified your favourite Acqua di Parma for men, dab a little perfume on your pulse points to let your body heat diffuse it naturally over the following hours. In need of a quick boost? Use an all-over spray to keep smelling fresh on active days.

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