Fragrance Du Bois

A spritz of Fragrance Du Bois eau de parfum or nourishing hair mist has the power to transport you to faraway lands, awaken the senses and unlock memories. Since its inception in 2011, the brand has worked with a selection of master perfumers who draw inspiration from France to Arabia to create contemporary blends. Top, heart, and base notes are carefully considered until the experts are confident that the fragrance can envelop you in a captivating scent.

One of the most coveted ingredients found in products throughout the Fragrance Du Bois Selfridges collection is pure Oud oil. This earthy essence made from tree resin is often referred to as liquid gold and was once highly regarded by ancient emperors alike. The Oud in this collection is organic and sourced mainly from south-east Asia. Used in both the brand's perfumes and hydrating hair mists, it's fused with extracts such as Mediterranean bergamot, Sri Lankan cardamom and Madagascan ginger to create evocative scents. Tell a story through your choice of fragrance, from fresh florals to warm, woody spices.

At Selfridges, our careful selection of Fragrance Du Bois perfume means you can transform your tresses with a hydrating hair mist. Alternatively, allow an aromatic cloud of fragrance to linger on your skin all through the day. Who knows? It may become your signature scent.

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