Jacob And Co.

Jacob and Co. founded in 1986 by Jacob Arabo, quickly gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of design and engineering. Arabo, known as the "Jacob the Jeweller," began his career in New York City, where his talent for creating intricate and unique designs quickly attracted a high-profile clientele, including celebrities and discerning collectors.

Jacob & Co. is renowned for its exquisite collection of timepieces that blend traditional watchmaking techniques with avant-garde design. The brand’s signature pieces, epitomize this approach with their intricate complications and celestial themes. These watches are not just instruments to tell time but are works of art that showcase the highest level of craftsmanship and creativity. Each piece features complex mechanisms and luxurious materials, including diamonds, sapphires, and other precious gems, making them highly coveted by collectors and watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Our curated selection of Jacob & Co. pieces brings together the best of the brand’s offerings, showcasing its most iconic and sought-after designs. Indulge in the exceptional beauty and craftsmanship of Jacob & Co. and elevate your collection with pieces that are as extraordinary as they are timeless.

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