LOEWE Beauty

Evoke the sensation of a Mediterranean summer in your living space with Selfridges's LOEWE collection. Madrid-based brand LOEWE is perhaps best known as a leather expert; did you know it also concocts aromatic aftershave and perfumes? Enter our LOEWE beauty range, featuring a medley of fragrances inspired by its native Spain.

Whether you fancy some self-indulgence or want to treat a loved one to something special, a LOEWE candle is a wonderful way to add a little luxury to the home. Each piece offers clean-burning vegetable wax, with multiple wicks for a more intense aroma. They're presented in charming traditional earthenware, so you can refill these coveted burners time and again. Prefer your scents spray-style? Check out our LOEWE room mists, designed to capture everything from autumnal berries to botanical gardens with a hint of Balearic sunshine.

If you're browsing the Selfridges LOEWE lineup with perfume in mind, be sure to look out for our eau de toilette and cologne, whipped up by LOEWE'S in-house fragrance masters. These heady spritzes are bright, memorable and above all passionate. Dressed in tall glass bottles, LOEWE's smartly styled eau de toilettes make impressive gifts for birthdays and anniversaries alike. Don't miss the intricately designed packaging, often displaying botanical artwork inspired by the contents.

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53/53 results
LOEWE: 001 eau de toilette gift set



Discover the collection of signature candles and room sprays from Loewe.