Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley specialises in trichological haircare products. In case you're unaware, trichology is the science of hair – the study of its structure, function and health. These products deliver targeted treatments that respect and respond to the hair's natural constitution. So if you ever suffer from dryness, oiliness or dandruff, you'll find a formulation here that gets right to the root of the problem.

Browse Philip Kingsley at Selfridges to see the science in action. Look for conditioners, for example, specially blended to add body and tame flyaway tresses. You might find shampoos, too, that incorporate wheat proteins and help to balance moisture levels from root to tip. If dryness is a problem, try a treatment that's formulated to hydrate hair while soothing an itchy scalp. The brand even creates solutions for keen swimmers, which protect from the effects of chlorine, saltwater and scorching sunshine.

Founded in 1957, Philip Kingsley is – rightly – regarded as a pioneer in the world of haircare. Now, the brand is turning its attention to the world at large. Philip Kingsley products have – since 2019 – been packaged in eco-smart bottles, made from post-consumer recycled plastic and a sugarcane-derived biopolymer. Healthier hair and a healthier planet? You can't argue with that.

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