Founded in 1993, AGOLDE denim was relaunched in 2003. Now, with Karen Phelps at the helm as creative director, this label maintains its strong LA Heritage with a focus on quality, fashion-forward designs and exacting detail. AGOLDE's denim and casual styles are inspired by vintage pieces and are meticulously crafted from fabrics gathered around the world, including sustainably sourced, organic cotton.

Discover a contemporary and boundary-pushing interpretation of classic cuts of denim and relaxed basics, all revitalised with the brand’s signature ‘Cali-Cool’ aesthetic.

While Selfridges' AGOLDE collection pays homage to decades past, it's also modern through and through, using methods like super-efficient wash techniques to reduce its impact on global resources. Laser technology and ozone machines may evoke images from a sci-fi film, but they're another crucial part of AGOLDE's commitment to thoughtful denim production. With every fit and fabric tested for comfort and practicality, this is a timeless brand where individual expression is just as important as wearability.

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60/88 results