Nail Kits

When the calendar declares it's self-care day, there's one thing you won't want to miss off the shopping list: a nail kit. Ready to decorate claws, our selection provides the perfect tools for an at-home manicure. Peruse the rainbow-enthused line-up and pluck a set that pays homage to your favourite colour. With each blend crafted to a high-pigmented sheen, you'll be left with crimson red or neon yellow talons after just a few brush swipes.

Why not get creative with your nail art and opt for a manicure set with tools to draw and sculpt intricate designs? Unleash your inner child and doodle playful cartoons with our nail kits, or carefully carve out awe-inspiring patterns to match the outfit you'll slip into for the next soiree. And when the creative juices aren't flowing, our packs of nail stickers stamp your fingers with glimmering gems.

But if you've skipped a few manicure appointments and your nails are starting to look a little misshapen, our selection of nail kits also includes files and buffers. Choose one to carefully work down the tip of your finger and buff to a high shine, creating the perfect base for a coat of colour to sit on top.

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