Wines From Canada

Wine from Canada is all about quality and experimentation. Mountains, oceans and freshwater lakes give the northern giant a range of micro-climates that producers take good advantage of. The results include bold reds, vins gris and, of course, ice wine. Whether you're entertaining, treating yourself or gifting someone special, explore our virtual wine cellar to find the right tipple for you. 

First up, Canadian ice wine. Renowned for its cold climate, the country is the largest producer of this lavish dessert drink. To make the luxury wine, grapes are left on vines until their temperature drops to minus eight degrees Celsius. They're pressed before they thaw, producing a sweet and smooth result. Impress guests with this vibrant after-dinner option that will leave their taste buds dancing. 

If you're after a refreshing drink on a summer's evening, try a Canadian wine called vin gris. This is a type of rosé that's made with fruit harvested from warm areas like the Okanagan Valley. It's bursting with sweet tones and ideal for serving alongside grilled fish or chicken. For something a little more full-bodied, select a Bordeaux-style red. These are typically created using grapes from British Columbia's Golden Mile region, and offer smoky notes of tobacco, dried herbs and espresso – an excellent pairing for red meat and pasta dishes.

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3/3 results
CANADA: Vidal Ice Wine 375ml
CANADA: Peller 2018 Icewine Vidal 375ml