Rosé Wine

Tantalise your palate with our collection of rosé wine. With drinks from around the world, our range spotlights acclaimed winemaking regions in Italy, France and the United States, to name a few. Discover new tastes with a curated case or stock up on favourites by selecting six or more bottles.

Unleash your inner sommelier and opt for a luxury rosé wine to pair with your most-loved dishes. Whether it's a pinot grigio that combines remarkably well with fish or a cinsault to match with braised meat, you should find something to suit. Bottles are brimming with berry and floral notes and range from dry to sweet. Plus, there's a variety of fine vintages to choose from.

For fresh, dry and delicately fruity flavours, pick from our curation of Provence rosé wine. This French speciality is famed for its pale pink colour – a result of gentle pressing and careful control of cellar temperature. In addition, the region benefits from warm days, cool evenings and little rain, ensuring the berries are bursting with aromas to satisfy your taste buds. Explore blends containing Syrah and Grenache grapes from renowned estates. Special event coming up? Pop the cork on blush champagne and raise a glass to toast the occasion.

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45/45 results
45/45 results
PROVENCE: Rosé 750ml
PROVENCE: AIX rosé 1.5l
AUSTRALIA: Bird In Hand rosé 750ml
MINUTY: Minuty Prestige rosé 750ml
PROVENCE: Château Miraval rosé 375ml
PROVENCE: Rosé de Léoube rosé 750ml
PROVENCE: amie x: organic rosé 750ml
SPAIN: Can Sumoi La Rosa 750ml
FRANCE: Hampton Water rosé 750ml
PROVENCE: AIX rosé 750ml
PROVENCE: Miraval rosé wine 750ml
MARQUES MURRIETA: Primer Rosé 750ml
PROVENCE: Rosé cru classé wine 750ml
ITALY: Tormaresca Calafuria Rosé 750ml