Holistic healer turned designer Sat Hari launched God’s True Cashmere when the idea came to her in a dream. During restful sleep, a dear friend asked for a cashmere shirt as a gift specifically highlighting how he needed more softness in his life. And once she awoke, she realised that this was the dream she could turn into reality.

Priding itself on inclusivity and craftsmanship, each button-up is spun in Italy from the purest cashmere and is available in an array of colours and prints. What's more, all silhouettes are unisex, not confining the wearer to a specific shape or gender. On a mission to preserve the traditional sewing practice, the label avoids mass production, releasing limited edition runs of each style, with attention to all the small details. The buttons, for example, are made from 7 hand-cut gemstones that the artisans placed down the front of each shirt.

Explore our hand-picked collection below, and choose from the label’s matching shirts and pants sets. Pick from its range of solid colours, checked prints, and remedial stones and discover your newfound comfort. Or, take it one step further and design your own with the house’s bespoke service.

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37/37 results