If you want to know what it is that makes JOSEPH so special, we have a single word for you: restraint. The label has made self-discipline its calling card. The philosophy of less is more has defined JOSEPH fashion for decades. Founded in 1966, at the height of Swinging London, the brand is steadfast in its quest for uncluttered sophistication. It's now one of the world's most widely recognised London fashion houses and it maintains a distinctly British identity. 

Explore our JOSEPH clothing selection and we think you'll agree it's achieved remarkable things by doing less. You'll find long dresses decked out in simple patterns or block colours and cut to form a neat, body-lengthening silhouette. We have blazers that are deceptively straightforward and fitted with padded shoulders to command attention and demand respect. There are jumpers too, crafted from cosy merino or cashmere, yet somehow feeling as tailored as a business suit.

Key to its modus operandi, too, is the brand's focus on offering a complete luxury wardrobe. A pair of pants, proudly minimalist and sporting a neutral shade, will work flawlessly with a JOSEPH coat in a coordinating colour. Leather leggings can be smart or casual when paired judiciously with a blazer or jumper. For warmer weather, keep it simple with a day dress and a few glitzy accessories.

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60/258 results