Inspired by the healing properties of Hungary's thermal waters, Omorovicza products are crafted to deliver therapeutic minerals to the deepest layers of the skin. Apply serum with antioxidant-rich vitamin C for a luminous glow – or try butter-soft Omorovicza cream to restore firmness and add plump texture to your complexion.

The Budapest-based label was founded in 2006 by Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza and his wife, Margaret. Their vision was to incorporate the mineral goodness of their city’s restorative waters into a premium skin care range. Today, this philosophy unites each Omorovicza formula; you’ll find an array of curative ingredients in every bottle. Chia seed oil, squalane and tocopherol (a derivative of vitamin E) are harnessed with complexes to encourage their absorption into the skin.

Want to bring an intensive lift to your self-care regimen? Look no further: Omorovicza’s The Cure is a nine-day programme designed to rejuvenate your skin in three stages. It is underpinned by several components: glycolic acid stimulates collagen production, while ginseng replenishes your skin’s moisture. Barbary fig and kahai nut oil revitalise your complexion by boosting its lipid content, and mandelic acid acts as a gentle exfoliant. Put simply, The Cure is the superhero of your skin care routine.

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