Lip Balm

Pick a nourishing lip balm for every pocket and your lips will thank you for having rich minerals and moisture-locking formulas at the ready. You'll spot tinted options and glittery sheens in a range of matte and gloss finishes, all part of our wider selection of lipstick and lip products. Find formulas created with beeswax to soothe chapped lips or an SPF to protect them from the sun.

Here at Selfridges, we know a thing or two about beauty. We were the first department store to put our cosmetics counters at the entrance of the building, so that customers who stepped in from Oxford Street were welcomed with a wave of sweet smells and enticing lotions. We've got plenty of pioneers among our collection of lip care experts too. Rely on their innovative formulas and groundbreaking research to unlock your natural radiance. Natural ingredients and scientifically grown molecules join forces to plump, smooth and soften across our selection of lip balms and treatments. 

For extra-thirsty lips, pick a concentrated formula with active hyaluronic acid to strengthen skin and macadamia oils to replenish bounce. When it's time to add polish to your pout, opt for a stick in bright crimson or cherry pink for a lip-smacking finish.

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60/144 results
60/144 results
PRADA: Prada Balm lip balm 3.8g
BYREDO: Chromophobia lip balm 2.5g
DRIES VAN NOTEN: Lip Balm refill 4g
PRADA: Lip balm refill 3.8g
HERMES: Rosy Lip Enhancer 6g