Our tweezers are just the thing for regular grooming between your salon visits. Our collection comprises designs from trusted brands to offer you professional-looking results at home, whether you're using your tweezers to shape your brows or apply individual false lashes. 

In our range of tweezers for eyebrows, we have styles crafted from sturdy stainless steel for durability. Slanted ends allow you to pluck evenly at awkward angles, so you can get precise when it comes to shaping. The micro-fine tips remove hair directly from the root, meaning there is less skin irritation. Choose a design with an ergonomic handle for ease of use and a built-in brush so you can smooth down your eyebrows after plucking. 

A mini pair of professional tweezers from our selection is ideal for taking with you to work or on holiday, slotting easily into your make-up bag. They operate with the same precision as the full-size versions. Innovative lash applicators pick up falsies with ease and allow you to position them in the right place for a natural effect. They have a curved side you can use to press against the lash to keep it secure while the glue dries. Just add one or two coats of mascara, and you're good to go.

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