Dom Perignon Foodhall

When champagne is called on for celebration, only the ultimate bottle will do – Dom Pérignon – taking its name from the spiritual father of champagne. Each vintage is a fine gift of indulgence, made for sharing. The company is well known for creating only vintages, meaning complete uniqueness each year. 

In our collection of luxury champagne from Dom Pérignon, you'll find bottles of brut, all of which have spent at least eight years being aged in French cellars to develop character and flavour. Discover bottles rich with notes of tangy rhubarb, refreshing mint and smoky tobacco. Others are reminiscent of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, with gentle aftertastes of jasmine and lilac. We also have fruity rosé varieties, which balance the sweetness of summer strawberries with floral hints of peony, making them just the thing for alfresco drinks. 

In our selection of brut champagne we also have limited-edition bottles designed in collaboration with fashion labels and discerning celebrities. Sometimes with bright colours and iridescent labels, these make a serious statement in your drinks cabinet. To stock up on a favourite type in advance of a party, look out for our cases of Dom Pérignon champagne. We offer savings on bundles of six or more bottles.

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