Philip B.

Philip B. specialises in "botanically powered haircare". In other words, these products don't just includenatural ingredients but are positively fuelled by them. It all started in 1992 when the eponymous stylist introduced his Rejuvenating Oil to an appreciative audience of LA beauty buffs. The brand has since gone global, launching dozens of treatments to suit all hair types. Want to give your locks some organic oomph? Start browsing.

Of course, you'll find a swathe of shampoos, each formulated to meet a specific need. There are volumising options, for instance, and special concoctions for blonde or silver tresses. The same goes for conditioners, which are beautifully thick and luscious to provide exceptional coverage. Once you've washed and blow-dried, simply spritz on a little Philip B. hair spray to lock in your style. Or, if you're sporting a short crop, go for a luxuriant wax, which is designed to provide long-lasting texture even in sweltering weather. All incorporate hand-chosen botanicals, such as cleansing rosemary and toning plum extracts.

Want a more targeted treatment? Try a Philip B. hair mask, enriched with argan oil to help repair split ends. Or, for daily care, a supple scalp scrub, which cleans follicles and rejuvenates the skin. Clearly, if it's good for hair, Philip B. has thought of it.

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18/18 results